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Rep. Porter Visits Advent Christian Village – On Thursday, May 3, Representative Elizabeth Porter (R-Lake City) spoke to the residents of Advent Christian Village, a LeadingAge Florida member, in Dowling Park. Rep. Porter gave an informative post session report. The Representative not only covered the major issues facing the Florida Legislators, she also took time to answer all questions the residents had. The turn-out was excellent and the residents really enjoyed the information and visit. Representative Porter’s staff, Koby Adams and Rob Summerall, also attended the event.

Tom Randle, Vice President of Public Policy and Government Affairs, also spoke and gave the audience a brief overview of LeadingAge Florida’s two legislative priority bills, CS/HB 249 Public Lodging and CS/HB 787 Nursing Home Options. Both bills passed the Legislature and were approved by the Governor. Randle thanked the Representative for her vote and support of the two bills. He also gave the residents an overview of the LeadingAge Florida Congressional visits and a few thoughts on the happenings around Washington D.C.

From left to right:
Craig A. Carter, President/CEO of Advent Christian Village Ann L. Thompson, Administrator for Residential Services Representative Elizabeth Porter ( R-Lake City) Koby Adams, Legislative Assistant

From left to right:
Craig A. Carter, President/CEO of Advent Christian Village Representative Elizabeth Porter Tom Randle, LeadingAge Florida Vice President of Public Policy


 RC 12-01


  1. CMS Webinar on Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Initiative scheduled for Feb. 14 - Although we have known for nearly a week that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid was planning a webinar on bundled payments for care, the details were not released until this morning. We apologize for any inconvenience that this last-minute notice may cause you and your staff. Our public policy staff will monitor the webinar in the event that any of the information presented by speakers should be shared with members. 

TECH 11-01

  1. Technical Assistance Brief on Use of Sheltered Nursing Home Beds

RC 11-03

  1. Continuing Care Disclosure Checklist - Updated!

RC 11-02

  1. FAHSA Achieves Success with OIR Request for CCRC Contract Review

RC 11-01

  1. Guide to Continuing Care Retirement Community Dispute Resolution for Independent Living

RC 10-04

  1. FLICRA/FAHSA CH. 651 Task Force Looks at At-Home CCRC Contracts

RC 10-03

  1. Retirement Community Round Table Session Topics Finalized -- Calling All Retirement Communities to Register for the Session
  2. Ch. 651 Changes Take Effect July 1

RC 10-02

  1. U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging To Hold Hearing on CCRCs
  2. CCRC Best Practice Disclosure and Transparency Document Released
  3. OIG Issues Opinion on Rewards Program for Referrals from CCRC Employees and Residents and Anti-kickback Laws
  4. DON Salaries in CCRCs Increase (From HCS)
  5. Sample Resident Association Bylaws Shared Through AAHSA Listserv

Technical Brief

  1. Continuing Care Disclosure Checklist 

Technical Brief

  1. Background Screening 

RC 10-01

  1. CCRC Bill Signed into Law by Governor
  2. HB 1253
  3. HB 1253 Legislative Staff Analysis
  4. HB 1253 FAHSA Staff Analysis


RC 09-01

  1. Income Tax Deductions for Entrance Fees

RC 08-02

  1. Annual Presentation Made to Governor’s Continuing Care Advisory Council

RC 08-01

  1. CCRC Director of Nursing Salaries Increase in 2008

RC 07-04

  1. CCRC Entrance Fees Could Affect Medicaid Eligibility
  2. Top CCRC Developers Remain Optimistic 

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